Ark: Survival Ascended has surprise launched on PC today, with the Xbox and PlayStation console releases to come in November.

The remake of Ark: Survival Evolved, which was initially released in 2015, has become a huge success for developer Studio Wildcard, and now it’s taking its first big step in the future of Ark with Ark: Survival Evolve, a “top-to-bottom” remake of the first game.

As the team wrote about on the Xbox Wire, the most game-changing feature in Ark: Survival Ascended is cross-platform podding. This will enable everyone, no matter what platform they choose to play on, to experience and share whatever modes for Ark: Survival Evolved that they wish. And for those wishing to make their own modes, it’s super easy. All you do is download the new “Ark Devkid” off the Epic Launcher and begin work. The team at Studio Wildcard will also be sharing tips and tricks for creating mods in the coming weeks. And there’s going to be A LOT of mods in this new release. The original game had 30,000 modes available, and Studio Wildcard thinks that with cross-platform modding, that number will only grow.

Ark: Survival Ascended includes all previously released paid DLC as well as new content. Studio Wildcard are also planning to add 11 new creatures to the game over time.

Ark: Survival Ascended is out now on PC. Studio Wildcard is also working on Ark 2, which has Vin Diesel in it, as well as an Ark animated series.