Astro Bot Rescue Mission Review Header.png

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Review

by Dylan Blight (PSVR)

 Captain ASTRO needs your help for a daring mission! Grab your PS VR headset to blast off on an epic adventure to rescue his spaceship’s lost crew-bots. Explore vibrant and immersive worlds PACKED with enemies to fight, secrets to discover, bots to save… and huge bosses to face.

As virtual reality continues to grow as a new medium, many are trying to do some really interesting games and experiences that could only be developed for VR. Astro Bot Rescue Mission isn’t inventing new genre’s, it is taking an old, classic video game genre and bringing into the VR world — but to amazing effect.

If you played The Playroom VR you would have tried out Astro Bot already as one of the mini-games included in that collection is basically what Astro Bot Rescue Mission is today. You control Captain Astro, whose goal is to collect up his lost buddies, kick some alien-butt and make their way around some treacherous platforming across several different worlds and locations.