Australian indie studio Exbleative has revealed their follow-up to 2021’s momentum-based galaxy exploration Exo One. It’s set in the same galaxy(s) as that game, but this time it looks a little less relaxing and more thrilling in Exo Rally Championship.

Creator of Exo RallyJay Weston, said that after making Exo One, he just really wanted to explore traversal on other worlds from a different angle. 

Exoplanetary rally brings together all the elements of an exoplanet and challenges you to face them head on – its gravity, terrain, weather, atmosphere, and endless hazards. Every aspect of the planet is materially affecting your rover and your time, pushing you dangerously close to the limit.”

Exo Rally Championship looks more like a ‘typical’ video game, especially when compared to the experimental nature of Exo One

Exo Rally Championship is set to release on PC in 2024.

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