This morning Dan Houser, co-founder of Rockstar Games, announced the foundation of Absurd Ventures, a new media company that will create new IP which will tell stories across all platforms. 

Dan Houser was one of the founders of Rockstar Games and stayed with the company until he left in 2020, following an extended break in 2019. Absurd Ventures was first registered as a company in early 2021, but an official announcement and just what Dan Houser’s involvement would be wasn’t revealed until today.

In the press release announcing the news about Absurd Ventures, it was made clear that Houser’s new company will be more than just a video game company.

“Absurd Ventures is building narrative worlds, creating characters, and writing stories for a diverse variety of genres, without regard to medium, to be produced for live-action and animation; video games and other interactive content; books, graphic novels, and scripted podcasts.”