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It was nice to see several Australian developers and studios featured during Xbox’s E3 Conference given how talented local devs are here. It’s nice to see your home-talent on the big stage.

Let’s go over the games.

Totem Teller was the one game I hadn’t seen before and, unfortunately, the games official website doesn’t say much about it. There are some screenshots and gifs featuring a bright and unique art style that looks like it’s drawn on canvas and says the following about the game.

“Guide a wandering muse in search of lost folklore. Investigate surreal distortions. Uncover hidden places. Retell stories or let them fade.”

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Totem Teller is in development by Grinning Pickle and has a release date of 2020.

Interesting for sure! Maybe it’ll be at PAX AUS this year and we can tell you more about it soon.

Dead Static Drive I’ve played before at PAX AUS — in fact, it was one of the games we played two years ago when Explosion Network first formed and attended PAX. It’s a top-down horror/action game where you explore the world and have to find items like fuel and weapons to survive. To me, it’s like Mad Max but with monsters and survival elements.

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New gameplay from Gamespot