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Bevan Beats # 18

by Cherie Henriques

Welcome to Bevan Beats! This is a fortnightly article and accompanying playlist from us at the Explosion Network. It aims to enable us the ability to share the music we love, discuss a certain theme, or share what we are simply listening to in our everyday lives. You’ll be able to find the playlist on Spotify or mix it yourself.

As someone who is a lover of metal and rock music, this list isn’t that at all. My playlist is all about the every day songs I’m enjoying at the moment and so far in 2019.

01.) SICKO MODE – Travis Scott

This song is outside of my normal when it comes to music but something about it just got me bouncing.

02.) Leave Me Lonely – Hilltop Hoods

Another catchy tune from Hilltop Hoods. They rarely go wrong and they certainly didn’t with this song. ‘Leave Me Lonely’ is an easy listen and one to get stuck in your head.


03.) Sweet But Psycho – Ava Max

The first time I heard this song I hated it. But I continued to listen to and sing the song and constantly get it stuck in my head and over a few listens and after watching the film clip I decided it was just too damn catchy not to like.

04.) Bad Liar – Imagine Dragons

05.) Dancing With A Stranger – Sam Smith, Normani

Sam Smith always produces incredible and lovable music and this song is no exception. One of my favourites at the moment and if this whole playlist was just this song I’d be happy.

06.) 7 Minutes – Dean Lewis
07.) Glow – Gavin James

08.) Bloom – Troye Sivan

It’s no secret that Troye Sivan was a hit in Explosion Network’s Best of 2018 Content and even though Dylan may have already used my other favourite songs on his own playlists, Bloom is another banger. The way this song just dives right into the action and immediately showcases Troye’s sound is what pulls me in from the beginning.


09.) Burning – Maggie Rogers

Releasing her first studio album – Heard It in a Past Life – in January, Maggie Rogers has me enjoying every song off the album, however, this song makes me want to skip dance around with my hands in the air, enough said.

10.) Eastside – Benny Blanco with Halsey and Khalid

Khalid’s brought out a lot of songs in the last year that has surprisingly won me over, but this collaboration with Benny Blanco and Halsey has a great balance of their own individual sounds coming together for the telling of a positive story and a song that just makes you happy.

11.) Before I Go – Guy Sebastian

You can follow Cherie on Twitter at @Cheriacorno

You can follow Cherie on Twitter at @Cheriacorno

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