Fall Guys has today introduced a mid-season update that brings with it some tweaks, anti-cheat tech and… Big Yeetus? 

The PC version of Fall Guys has been rampant with cheaters since release and now Mediatonic has chosen to implement Epic Games ‘Easy Anti-Cheat’ in order to combat those cheaters. It’s kinda sad that’s its come to this, but the number of cheaters in the game was becoming ridiculously large. 

Some tweaks have been made to courses all around The Blunderdome to keep everyone on their toes. Mediatonic also teased that these changes to the courses will come at random in the future.

The biggest thing included in this mid-season update was Big Yeetus, a rather large hammer that’s roaming between rounds and flinging poor fall guys across the map in one big ya-yeah. 

Check out the video below for a look at all of the updates.

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