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The closed beta for Bleeding Edge is taking place this weekend and you’ll want to check this one out, trust me. 

In case you don’t know, Bleeding Edge is the melee-based, hero action game that is going to get comparisons to Overwatch in some ways, but as someone who played it at PAX AUS 2019, it’s nothing like it. 

This is a CLOSED BETA, however, all Xbox Game Pass members are able to get access across Xbox One and via the Xbox app on Windows 10. The beta will kick-off at 4 AM AEST tomorrow morning (Saturday, the 15th) and finish at 7 PM AEST on February 17th. 

If you play in the beta you’ll access to the ‘Punk Pack’ which includes:

·       Punk Rock Niđhöggr Skin
·       Butterpunk Buttercup Skin
·       Outrider ZeroCool Skin
·       Rioter’s Hoverboard
·       Make Your Mark in-game Sticker Pack
·       Three bonus taunts

If you miss this beta because you’ll be busy all weekend, don’t fret too much as there will be another on March 13th ahead of the games full release on March 24th.

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