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Although Ubisoft has recently spoken about Rainbow 6 not getting any single player content or games anytime soon, a three-player co-op game is apparently not off the cards. Rainbow Six Quarantine was revealed during Ubisoft’s E3 2019 Conference and it is just that — a three-player co-op game.

The trailer isn’t super exciting as it doesn’t show any gameplay, or what you’ll be fighting. It does seem like a zombie game watching the trailer though, as the person’s perspective you’re viewing from is watching their own arm get slowly infected with something before an object injects into their arm to hold it back. Though it may not be zombies at all, as I’ll explain below.

With Rainbow 6’s focus on tactical team-based combat, a co-op experience could be built around that very easily for success.

Kotaku is reporting that the game could be the off and on again cancelled ‘Pioneer‘ from Ubisoft which was originally hidden inside Watch Dogs 2.

A story posted by Jason Schreier back in January this year reported that Pioneer was being rebooted from a non-violent space game to a violent space game.

“Then, in early January 2019, word came out that Pioneer was cancelled for real. Except it wasn’t. Instead, according to three people familiar with the project, Ubisoft actually rebooted Pioneer once again, transforming it from a non-violent exploration game into a coop multiplayer alien shooter that uses some of Pioneer’s old features.”

It’s hard not to read that and think Outbreak could be the game. If so, we may actually be fighting aliens, not zombies as the trailer somewhat feels like, which would be good. There are enough zombie games.

Is a Rainbow 6 co-op game interesting to you? Let us know below.

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