Bonfire Peaks is an upcoming puzzle game with a stunning voxel art style and over 200 handcrafted puzzles. Over on the PlayStation Blog this morning, Corey Martin, the designer, programmer and musician on Bonfire Peaks, explained a bit more about the game and showed off the nifty feature only on PS5.

The puzzles in Bonfire Peaks are all “bonded together” across one big overworld. Based on the trailer, these all involve moving blocks and boxes to climb, survive or make your way across treacherous terrain. Each of these puzzles is also built around a particular idea or mechanic. But if you get stuck on one, you’re able to try another one, and after the opening section of the game, there’ll always be a selection of puzzles open to you at any given time. 

However, most stand out about the game is the stunning voxel, which Martin explains is inspired by artists Knos, MadMaraca, Paul Riehle, Dima, among others. 

Check it all out in the trailer below.

On PS5, you’ll also be able to use the Activity Cards, giving you a hint video showing you how to solve a puzzle if you ever get stuck. You do need PlayStation Plus to take advantage of this feature. 

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