Two rival brothers must work together to keep their brewery in business, but shenanigans keep foaming up their company with chaos.

Format: 8 episodes streaming on Netflix simultaneously.

Cast: Alan Aisenberg, Mike Castle, Carmen Flood, Marques Ray, Zach Reino, Inanna Sarkis

Directors: Jeff Schaffer (1-2, 4), Natalia Anderson (3), Annabel Oaker (5), Robert Cohen (6-7), Dale Stern (8)
Writers: Greg Schaffer (created by, 1-2, 4, 6, 8), Hunter Covington (3), Stacy Traub (3), Steve Joe (5, 7),

Bars have always been a sitcom staple. Whether it was Cheers in Cheers, Moe’s Tavern in The Simpsons or MacLaren’s Pub in How I Met Your Mother, these locations created an environment for laughs and funny stories. So it isn’t crazy to picture a sitcom based in a brewery, which the base idea of Netflix’s Brews Brothers.

The show is primarily set in Rodman’s Brewery, owned and operated by Wilhelm Rodman (Alan Aisenberg) who is a great brewer but pretty much the worst businessman you would ever come across. Far more concerned with sharing his concoctions and his slightly pretentious love of beer, the brewery is in a precarious financial position which is more of a concern to Sarah (Carmen Flood), the one good employee at Rodmans’.


Just as a distributor is about to have a meeting with Wilhelm to possibly carry his beers in other establishments, Wilhelm’s estranged brother, Adam (Mike Castle), shows up looking for a place to stay and work. After an initial rivalry, the pair try to work together to keep Rodman’s open.

Let’s get right to the point. Unless you are a fan of sophomoric humour you are unlikely to find much to enjoy in Brews Brothers. It seems like every second joke has something to do with dicks, sex or some sort of bodily fluids or excrement. The occasional crude joke is amusing or even funny but the majority don’t even warrant a reaction or feeling, possibly because you are inundated with so many of them that there is no chance for any shock or surprise.

It doesn’t help that the show is based around two unlikable leads. Wilhelm is pretentious and unorganized but is meant to be seen in a likable light but after the 3rd of 4th poor decision in a row, it’s hard to root for him to succeed. Adam is even more pretentious and just generally an asshole who believes he is superior to everyone. The character that I most liken him to is The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon, except swap physics and nerd culture with beer and brewing.