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Bury Me, My Love | Play It On Your Phone

by Dylan Blight

Bury Me, My Love from developer The Pixel Hunt was recently released for the Nintendo Switch and PC after it’s initial release on iOS and Android in October of 2017.

In the game, you play as Majd who is talking to his Wife, Nour, through a messaging app throughout her perilous journey to escape Syria and as it continues as she attempts to find refuge in Europe.

The gameplay is simple. You choose from various text or emoji responses to reply to Nour with as you attempt to help her make the journey safely. There are 19 different endings to the game; which should tell you just how much your responses will matter come the journey’s end.

Here’s the thing though: Bury Me, My Love on the Nintendo Switch is a boring game. To clarify I am saying this as someone who had BMML on their Top 10 Games of 2017 list.