Concrete Genie Out Today News.png

Out today is Concrete Genie from developer Pixel Opus and being published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. 

In my review I said the following when awarding the game a 10/10 score:

“Sometimes you just play a game that hits all the right notes for you and Concrete Genie has done that for me. I love this game, its characters, charm and the beautiful world that let me not just feel like an artist but become one. Concrete Genie has a warmth to it and I felt like the team at Pixel Opus put their hearts into this and the story and themes don’t come off forced, cheap, or playing the same old-tune we’ve heard before, but instead, real and honest. For all that, Concrete Genie is one of the year’s best games and a special gem every PS4 owner should play.”

If you’d like to know more about the game we also have the first level of the game, which serves as a tutorial, available for you to watch below.

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