Watching Critical Role’s ascent to become a multimedia phenomenon has been a joy to behold, with books, comics, board games, clothing lines and an animated series under their belt. Today it was confirmed their ascent is far from over with the announcement of a second animated series and an exclusive first-look deal with Amazon Studios.

Announced on the back of the debut of the second season of The Legend of Vox Machina, Variety reports that Amazon Studios have made a multiyear exclusive overall TV and first-look film deal with Critical Role. They also dropped a teaser for the first project as part of this deal, a series based on the second Critical Role campaign about The Mighty Nein.

Team up again with The Legend of Vox Machina animation studio Titmouse, The Mighty Nein will follow “The Mighty Nein adventuring party — a band of criminals and misfits — who are the only ones who can prevent the kingdom from plunging into chaos when an arcane artifact capable of reshaping reality falls into the wrong hands”

Critical Role started as a weekly Dungeons and Dragons live stream featuring a cast of voice actors on the Geek and Sundry Twitch channel back in 2015. The streams quickly spawned a massive following and, after spinning off into their own entity, Critical Role have gone from strength to strength with a key moment being their 2019 Kickstarter campaign to fund The Legend of Vox Machina which raised $11.3 million, one of the highest campaigns at the time. Already on their third campaign, the world of Critical Role is extensive with multiple books and comics expanding the lore and providing a lot of potential adaptation material.

After the success of The Legend of Vox Machina, both critically and financially, it makes sense that Amazon Studios would want to lock down an ongoing relationship with Critical Role. The first look deal inspires the imagination with a lot of potential projects that Critical Role could have in the works. Adaptations of the comics or books? Solo adventures starring members of Vox Machina or The Mighty Nein. A potential jump over to live-action? I’m personally hoping for a movie set in the Nordverse or a live-action adaptation of The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade. But, I might be the only one.

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