What is a Cult of the Lamb Ritual? In the context of the game, we know exactly what this is, but what would a Cult of the Lamb Ritual be like in the confines of Federation Square in Melbourne? We all found out on Thursday night as a crowd gathered to experience Cult of the Lamb: The Ritual at 8:30 PM. 

Staring at the main stage as hosts Myf & Montaigne wrapped up the Stray God event, everything went dark, and chanting began behind us. The crowd slowly began turning around and walking towards a hooded man who stood atop a smaller stage as a loop of the Cult of the Lamb soundtrack began to play. A timer appeared on the side of the building with a 15-minute countdown. Would this hooded DJ playing eerie Cult of the Lamb music be beheaded when the timer ran out? Would we, as the lambs we were, slowly idling towards the sounds of chants, be given to the slaughter?

We survived. I wrote this article.

What ended up happening was a slow build-up for fifteen minutes before; eventually, The Lamb appeared to join the hooded DJ, and then the night turned into a party. Being Melbourne, the rain kicked into gear at just the right moment and nearly ended the night, but things continued with what was left of the crowd dancing to the music in the rain.

Praise the lamb.

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