Announced during this morning’s Wizards Present showcase, Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen is a D&D adventure set in the world of Krynn with a dire setting of the War of the Lance. It’s more than just another campaign, however, as there’s a companion board game that players can play in tandem with Shadow of the Dragon Queen or on its own. 

Shadow of the Dragon Queen is a classic D&D adventure in lands of war, and the art direction of the book shows as much with large-scale pieces depicting the seriousness and scale of the events happening around the players. The double-page art spreads in the book hope to fill players with the feeling that this is a big and dire setting they’re travelling in, and although the game is the classic D&D adventure you’re used to, it’s not the “we’re going on an adventure” laid-back vibe of previous books in the series. 

Warriors of Krynn is a board game that players can play on its own, but players will get the most out of it by entwining it with their campaign through Shadow of the Dragon Queen. Playing them together engages a single and engaging story across two different gaming mediums. 

You can get access to the book on D&D: Beyond two weeks early if you pre-order. And thanks to the digital/physical bundles that Wizards will have going forward, it’s a great way to invest in books. 

Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen will be available in Game stores from December 6th, 2022. There will be a Deluxe Edition of the book and an exclusively available games store, which contains the board game and an exclusive Dungeon Master screen.