Another E3 is upon us which means it is time for the 3rd Annual E3 predictions. On episode 30 of Arcade Couch Dylan, Ashley and Ciaran provided their unique predictions for this year’s E3.

Listed below are their Bethesda E3 predictions, things that they think will happen at Bethesda’s E3 Conference. Let us know who you think is on the money and who is way off in the comments below, or sound off on Twitter.

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Ciaran’s Predictions

1. A Starfield Trailer closes Bethesda’s conference

Dylan: I’m pretty sure last year when they announced this, along with the Elder Scrolls thing, and we’re like “you’re not going to see these for years” you were very angry.

Ciaran: I was very angry

Dylan: “Why did you show them? Why bother showing these trailers for nothing?” Come back a year later and you’re like, they are going to end on a trailer.

Ciaran: I think they kind of have to.

Ashley: They need to let people know they’re still working on it

Ciaran: No, I don’t think what they’ve got on their books of stuff coming is enough for them to have an ending to pop off with at the end of their conference. Bethesda likes some pizzazz.

2. A new Dishonored game will be announced

Ashley: Seems possible

Ciaran: It was 2016 when Dishonored 2 was released

Ashley: They haven’t been selling very well but thats the only thing that could be a drawback

Ciaran: When has Bethesda cared about selling well?

Dylan: Bethesda one year: “single players are the best thing ever. Fuck multiplayer”. Next year: “Fallout 76 is a multiplayer experience…”

Ciaran: That’s true, but I think Dishonored will be back.


3. There will be a gameplay trailer for Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Ciaran: Elder Scrolls Blades announced for Q32019

Ashley: You want to lock that in?

Ciaran: Yep

Ashley: So you’re locking in the game that’s already out.

Ciaran: Is it already out?

Dylan: I mean it’s in beta

Ciaran: It’s in beta you fuck, it’s not actually out. They’ll have a release date

Ashley: People can play it

Ciaran: Actually I’ll change then. You’ve swayed me. I change it to we will get a gameplay trailer and a release date for the Wolfenstein game.

Dylan: It has a release date. July 26th.

Ciaran: Fuck. We’ll get a decent gameplay trailer for that game then. Fuck it.

Ashley: Just go as safe as possible.

Ciaran: It’s like I swam out to shore and Ashley is on the pier being like “Are you sure you want to go out there?”.

Dylan’s Predictions

1. There will be a live music performance from Doom during the conference

Ciaran: Fuck. No.

Dylan: Live performances at Bethesda is becoming a thing and the other easy prediction would just be to say there is going to be 20 minutes of gameplay for Doom, but I feel that’s too easy, at least for myself.

Ciaran: That’s too easy. So the musical performance isn’t an easy guess?

Dylan: Well, I feel like the percentage rate would be up there but it’s not 100% locked in. I would be really happy if they do play Doom music because i fucking loved the Doom soundtrack.

2. Arkane Studio’s new game is revealed to be a new IP

Dylan: I don’t reckon it’s Dishonored 3, I reckon they are going to have a brand new IP instead.

Ashley: Do you think it’ll be something similar to Dishonored?

Dylan: I reckon it’ll have stealth elements or a first person type thing possibly. Although they could just come out be like “it’s completely fucking different, were a studio, we don’t need to stick to the same sort of thing.” Who knows? We’ll find out.


3. Elder Scrolls Legends gets an update announced

Ciaran: Boring.

Dylan: That is a very boring prediction but I’m hoping to get easy points here.

Ashley: New Cards!

Ashley’s Predictions

1. Elder Scrolls VI title is revealed

Ashley: So just like last year, it will be almost identical where the Elder Scrolls VI comes up and the name of the region will come up underneath.

Dylan: It’s the exact same teaser trailer too.

Ciaran: I think hold on to that until they fully announce the game.

Ashley: Nup. They are just going to drip feed the information for the next twenty years while they work on it.

Ciaran: For Elder Scrolls nerds the name means a lot, the name means where you’re going

Ashley: Yeah. That’s why it’s a great thing for them to drop this year.

2. Future plans for Fallout 76 are announced

Ashley: So another few months of content that they’ve got planned out and that sort of thing like that wild appalachia content drop they did earlier in the year. And they are going to say they have however many players they have playing Fallout 76. Everything’s going great!

Dylan: I had update down as well for this because as much as people want to say that game’s dead and no one likes it, I find it hard to believe that they’re going to announce it and bring it out one year and give up on it that fast. I reckon they would double down on it and. to be fair, they have proven with things in the past like Elder Scrolls Online which came out and was a hot steaming pile of shit. They managed to turn that around into a now highly successful MMO so as much as it seems like Fallout 76 is kinda dead in the water at this stage, I’m like maybe. We’ll see, I reckon they would turn around and double down on that one so I reckon that one’s a shoe in.


3. A new mobile game is announced: A Fallout card game

Dylan: A new mobile game? Fallout 77 shelter.

Ashley: I think it would be cool if it was a Fallout card game

Dylan: A Fallout Shelter card game?

Ashley: Not Shelter, but Fallout

Dylan: Why would they do another card game when they have so much focus on Legends?

Ciaran: Yeah, why would they do another card game.

Ashley: Because they want to cater to the Fallout audience.

Ciaran: It’s locked in he said it. Fallout card game it’s coming. That is his prediction. Lock it in. Secure it down. Fucking drill that in. It is a lock everybody, you heard it.