Even if most of the news was leaked ahead of the show, it’s always nice to tune into the presentation that said news was supposed to come from and hear it from the team working on the game. As was the case with several of today’s announcements from the ‘Capcom Showcase.’ 

Here’s everything that was shown and revealed during this morning’s Capcom Spotlight. 

Mega Man Battle Network: Legacy Collection

There are online battles, and you can trade cards with players. This collection lets players enjoy all ten mainline games, plus features cards not seen in the games before that were only released in Japan.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will release on April 14th for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. 

Mega Man NT Warrior, an anime, will also be available to watch for free. 

Street Fighter 6

The focus here was on the colour commentators that are in the game, with the addition of Hikaru Takahashi. You can choose from eight commentators in different languages, enable subtitles, and change settings so they’ll cheer you on and more.

Street Fighter 6 will release on June 2nd for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.


The 2023 season of the Capcom Pro Tour will feature Street Fighter 6 (who’d have thought) and the first-place prize is a big bucket of cash at $1 million USD.

Capcom Town

This digital celebration titled “Capcom Town” will have its grand opening on June 12th.

As of writing, the website linked in the Capcom Showcase doesn’t lead anywhere, but hopefully that’s updated soon. 


In the trailer, the game looks like dumb fun. There’s also apparently a time-travel storyline, which I don’t recall seeing in past trailers. Anyway, dinosaurs!

There’s a ‘Survival Pass’, which is just a battle pass. There’s a free tier and a Premium Tier. The things on the reward list seem just to be cosmetic items for your suits and weapons. 

An Open Beta Test is happening on Match 17th-19th.

Exoprimal is releasing on July 14th for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

The updated Ghost Trick Phantom Detective sounds like a passion project for The Great Ace Attorney creator, Yasamusa Kitagawa and the team working on the game. The game has updated visuals as well as new music.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is releasing on June 30th on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The Sunbreak DLC releases on April 28th for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Monster Hunter: Sunbreak showcase will be held in April. 

Resident Evil: Death Island

The next animated Resident Evil movie will release later this year, and it’s got one hell of a title.

This teaser trailer released a month ago, but it appears to have gone under the radar.

Resident Evil 4

A trial version of Resident Evil 4 is available today called ‘The Chainsaw Demo.’ It’s available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. 

You can watch the Capcom Spotlight in full below if you’d too.

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