Final Fantasy 8 Remaster News.png

Final Fantasy 8 is being remastered and released later in 2019.

It’s the 20th anniversary for the release of Final Fantasy 8 this year and that makes it the perfect time to remaster and re-release the game.

If you’ve played Final Fantasy 8 before, it’s impossible to not see how much better this game looks than the original. It’s night and day. And that’s because this isn’t like the previous make-overs that games like Final Fantasy 7 have received. This remaster is more like the Final Fantasy X Remaster or the Final Fantasy 12: Zodiac Age Remaster and looks to improve drastically on the graphical fidelity.

The standout improvement is the character models. Leon became a meme over the years and this game will kill that meme, well, maybe not, but it should.

Final Fantasy 8 Remaster releases on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year.

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