Mojang has announced that the first DLC for Minecraft Dungeons titled, Jungle Awakens, shall be released next month in July. 

Jungle Awakens shall take players to a distant and dangerous jungle to fight a mysterious power across three new missions. This DLC shall of course also include new armour, weapons and artifacts for you to use. 


The second DLC title has been revealed as well. Creeping Winter shall be coming sometime later in 2020 and as the name suggests, it’ll take you into a frozen tundra. 

All of this news comes via the Mojang blog where it was also confirmed that several other free updates and pieces of content are being worked on as well as the paid DLC. One free update will add cross-play to the game. 

In my review for Minecraft Dungeons I said the following, giving the game a 6/10:

Minecraft Dungeons is a simple entry-point ARPG. But it could have been so much more if it leaned heavier into being “baby’s first ARPG” as well as the elements that make Minecraft, Minecraft.”

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