Stan and BBC have released first-look images for the second season of the Stan Original Series, The Tourist, which will premiere in 2024.

Jamie Dornan returns to star as Elliot Stanley in the second season, the man looking to uncover his true identity following the memory loss which kicked off the first season. Australian actress Danielle Macdonald returns for the second season as the now-former police officer Helen Chambers.

The Tourist S2 D.jpg

The Tourist S2 Danielle Macdonald 1.jpg

The Tourist S2 Danielle Macdonald 2.jpg

The Tourist S2 Jamie Dornan 2.jpg

Here is the synopsis for season two of The Tourist:

Set against the striking backdrop of Ireland, in season two the pair are confronted by friends and foes as they attempt to uncover the secrets of Elliot’s past. As Elliot and Helen are dragged into a longstanding family feud.”

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