For years, it felt like the Gargoyles cartoon I watched as a kid was nothing but a dream, but now it’s making a huge comeback. There’s a remaster of the 16-bit game releasing in a week, and now, Atomic Monster is bringing a live-action version of the cartoon to Disney+.

As reported by THRGary Dauberman, writer of The Nun, IT, Annabelle: Creation and more, will serve as showrunner alongside Atomic Monster. Dauberman will also be writing the series, though it is still being determined if he plans to direct any of it.

If you’ve never seen Gargoyles, check out the awesome series intro below. The show was about gargoyle statues moving from Scotland to New York, and when they awaken, they choose to become watchers and protectors of the city during the night.

How do you feel about the announcement of this Gargoyles live-action series from Atomic Monster with Dauberman in the showrunner seat? Are you excited or feel like the show won’t be as good in live-action? Let me know in the comment section below.