Warwick Davis is getting closer to joining the physical media movement. A recent post from the Willow star has him expressing dismay and confusion at Disney as to why fans of Willow can no longer watch the Disney+ Original Series.

With both the inclusion and tagging Walt Disney themselves, the star of Willow is publicly expressing his annoyance at Disney for the first time since Willow was pulled from Disney+, a decision that I’m sure no one understands.

Disney decided to remove Willow from the streaming service in May, just a few months after the show’s final episode in January 2023. Disney had announced that a second season wasn’t on the books, although Jon Kasdan has spoken about that in interviews and noted that it’s simply a “pause” and that the second season could still happen. This is hard to believe, given the first season can’t even be watched anywhere by fans or discovered by would-be new fans while they’re scrolling through the Disney+ app. 

Can you buy a Blu-ray of Willow? No. Can you steam it? No.

How do you feel about the odd decision from Walt Disney to remove Willow from Disney+? Let me know in the comment section below.