Gato Roboto Reveal Header.png

‘Gato Roboto’ A Cat Mech Metroidvania

by Dylan Blight

Devolver Digital has announced they’re publishing developer doinksoft’s, Gato Roboto, a ‘catmechtroidvania’ game.

The cat is on a ship, the ship crashes on an alien planet and then the cat proceeds to jump through the level until finding a mech… The cat now has a mech.

I’m not sure why the cat got the mission to run around this planet considering there is a human on board the ship. Maybe only animals can breathe on the planet. Maybe the human is lazy.

With a great soundtrack to meow too, Gato Roboto looks like a catmechtroidvania to keep eyes on.

Gato Roboto is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in 2019 and you can watch the reveal trailer below.

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