[Update: 09/11]

Rockstar has confirmed the game is real and that a trailer would be coming early in December.

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After years of rumours and pundits claiming that a “GTA 6 reveal is imminent,” it sounds like it could be happening this week. 

Over at BloombergJason Schreier is reporting that the game’s official announcement could come “as early as this week.” He also says a trailer will follow sometime in December to align with Rockstar Games’ 25th anniversary.

Rumours about GTA 6 have been floating around since 2014, with the biggest look at the game coming in a now infamous 2022 leak, which featured gameplay clips making their way into the wild.

Somewhat fittingly, Youtuber Dunkey uploaded a well-put-together video making fun of the now nearly ten years of media and Youtubers thinking that the release of the game is now around the corner. 

Will I be part of the problem? I shall assume that the words of Schreier and Bloomberg mean a little more than GTA6SupaFa7 on Reddit. Hopefully.

What do you think? Is the GTA 6 announcement imminent? Will you be excited? Let me know in the comment section below.