High on Life, the comedy-shooter from Squanch Games, released last week on Xbox and PC, is officially the biggest 3rd party Game Pass launch of all time.

Alongside the 3rd-Party launch record, Xbox also confirmed that High on Life is the Xbox Game Pass launch of 2022 and is the biggest single-player release in the history of the service. The stats to gather these records are all gathered from the first five days of the game’s launch. 

The Xbox Series X version of the game is currently at a 64 on Metacritic with scores in the high 9’s all the way down to 3’s. I’ve seen this used to say, “why reviews don’t matter,” as if being in the 6’s is the sign of a bad game. A 6 on the Explosion Network review scale is “decent.” 

The game’s success may help steer the type of games Xbox looks to promote and push on Game Pass. High on Life wouldn’t have sold as well as it is without being placed on Xbox Game Pass, but it is the perfect game for the service. 

Mike Fridley, Studio Director and COO of Squanch Games, said: 

“This was our first time launching a game with Game Pass, and we’ve been blown away by the response from the players who have made us the most popular game on Game Pass right now. When Squanch Games was first created, it was to make the games we wanted to play – and Game Pass is helping us reach the players that want to play those games too.”