Journey PC Release News.png

Seven years after initially releasing on PS3, Journey is wandering over to PC next week, the first time it’s left the PlayStation system after also releasing on PS4.

Annapurna Interactive is publishing Journey for PC via the Epic Games Store and it’ll cost you $14.99 to pick it up featuring enhanced visuals with a 4K resolution that makes the thatgamecompany already stunning game even better.

While I only got around to playing Journey myself last year, it was easy to see why it was much loved as an emotional and impactful (mind the pun) journey. You wander a beautiful desert landscape at first with your goal off in the distance. The why doesn’t matter and much like everything else in Journey, its questions raised can only be answered by yourself and the journey you take. Along the way, you can bump into other players, but you may only communicate via chimes. It’s a magical experience and one all PC players should pick-up.

Will you start a new Journey on PC? Or be playing for the first time? Let us know in the comments below.