Gamescom Asia New.png

Gamescom will be having an extra show in 2020 with the launch of gamescom asia which will be held in Singapore.

The gamescom website description for the new event reads:

gamescom asia will be the premier platform for Asian game developers to explore partnerships globally, and a hub for international publishers who are looking for the next big thing in games.

The event will feature a two-day industry gaming conference and a three-day trade and public exhibition, including eSports events, a showcase of emerging technologies in video games, gaming workshops, meet-and-greet sessions, cosplay theatrics and much more.

The yearly gamescom event is held in Cologne Germany and attracts over 350,000 visitors across its public access days and is one of the biggest trade events all year round for both public and press.

Holding a Gamescom in Singapore is a big move not only as an event but also for those located in Asia/Pacific areas, including Australia and New Zealand for which this would be the biggest and cheapest event like this available for those looking to attend. E3 being held in L.A is obviously expensive, and gamescom in Germany might as well be just as far away, but Singapore won’t kill your budget on airfares.

Gamescom asia will take place from October 15th to 18th in 2020 and be held at the Suntec Singapore Convention Centre which is located near the Marina Bay.

There is one big question coming into 2020 for the AUS/NZ games industry for gamescom though: will Melbourne International Games Week & PAX AUS move dates? MIGW is taking place from the 5th to the 13th of October this year, with PAX, as usual, coming up on the weekend from the 11th to the 13th. If gamescom asia was taking place this year, it’d probably be too close to these two big events for a lot of people to look into attending.

We’re keen to hear more about gamescom asia in the future for sure, are you likely to consider attending? Let us know.