A carry case for the PS VR2 and accessories
Buy Now: JSAUX Price: Approx $57.50 AUD, (USD $36.99)

I have recently become the owner of a PSVR2 headset, and the JSAUX team has allowed me to check out some of their newest releases. This has been great for me, as my VR headset lived inside its original box before these most recent JSAUX arrivals. 

The PSVR2 is an excellent device, and one of my main concerns was a safe way to store it once I had gotten it. From the day I got it, it has been living inside its original box. While it worked, it wasn’t the best, but it functioned. JSAUX has the solution, and within a brief period, it had arrived at my door and was ready to be utilised. 

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The JSAUX PSVR2 Carry Case is a great bit of gear, custom moulded to fit the headset and the PlayStation Sense Controllers comfortably, and even has an additional sleeve for the cable and other accessories. Its rigid outer shell protects the precious device inside while also being dust and waterproof for all-around protection. The dual zippers make opening and closing a breeze with a smooth sliding function and an included lock hole for those needing it. 

This is a stylish case while not being outlandish. It also tucks nicely out of the way when not in use and stands out when it is. The only downside to the case is that the controllers cannot be charged inside of the case, which hasn’t been an issue as I currently am using it primarily for storage after finishing my VR session. 

The PSVR2 carry case is a challenging and nice-looking one that protects the PS VR2 from bumps, dust and water while remaining a great and better way to store your VR device between sessions.