The excitement around The Callisto Protocol has been building up over the last couple of years. Initially announced as a weird spin-off to the PUBG universe and then (thankfully) pulled away into its own project, it’s from Glen Schofield, one of the key figures behind Dead Space, and his new studio, Striking Distance. There’s a lot to live up to, especially for horror fans, so what are the critics saying as reviews have rolled in? 

There’s one consistent in all the reviews: the combat could be better. With a focus on melee combat instead of the ranged combat of Dead Space, things sound like they start off well but fall apart when surrounded by too many enemies. A common example given in the five reviews we’ve got below. But the consistent positives are around the games visuals and sound design — even if most critics are writing that the game is more “thriller” than “horror,” partly at times to the loud soundtrack, everyone says the game sounds great doing that, especially with the highly produced cinematics. The story sounds like typical sci-fi stuff, and some writers noted that’s fine for them, while others were disappointed by the lack of innovation in the narrative of the game. 

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