Following Scream’s footsteps, I Know What You Did Last Summer is getting a sequel, with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr reportedly on board for the project.

The news comes via Deadline, who are reporting Sony was looking to follow in the recent success of Scream and was eying off their long-dormant 90’s horror franchises. The pitch that is pushing the idea forward apparently came from Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, who’s coming off the successful Do Revenge for Netflix and would write and direct the film. 

I Know What You Did Last Summer got a sequel in 1998 titled I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, although it was not as critically or financially successful as the original film. The original film was written by Kevin Williamson the year after Scream and released in 1997, the same year as Scream 2, and just a year prior to Halloween H20, so it was living in the height of 90’s slashers. 

The ending of I Still Know What You Did Last Summer did leave Hewitts and Prinze’s characters alive, depending on whom you ask about the ending. It’s been debated if Hewitt getting grabbed by the killer in the final moments was a dream or reality. But if we’re getting a legacy sequel, let’s assume it was the dream angle.

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