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With the arrival of Studio Ghibli’s films on Netflix we thought now would be the perfect time to watch all the movies. For some of us, it’s to catch the ones we’ve missed, for others, to watch them all for the first time.

Each episode of the new limited-run podcast from the Explosion Network will see Dylan, Ashley and Ciaran discussing the Studio Ghibli films in release order starting with ‘Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

Studio Ghibli’s Animated Wonders launches on March 17th with a new episode every week thereafter. You can expect each episode to range from 30-60 minutes each and be a great follow up piece to listen to as you watch each movie along with the show.

This show will be on a new podcast feed and be available on all podcast directories. This article will be updated in the future with links.

Please be excited to watch and discuss some Ghibli films with us.