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Listening To: BROCKHAMPTON, A$AP Rocky, Troye Sivan And More

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by Dylan Blight (Bevan Beats #11)

I’ve been listening to a lot of Hip Hop lately and although that probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone, there has been some heavy hitting albums in recent months. This obviously includes Eminem’s surprise album, which I have included a song from, but will state for the record I don’t think Kamikazee is very good.

I hope you enjoy some of the tunes I’ve been listening to of late.



BROCKHAMPTON have indeed released an album just last week, but “1997 Diana” isn’t off that album. “1997” is off what is supposedly titled The Best Years of Our Lives which was thought to be the group’s next album, but instead just dropped Iridescence. “1997 Diana” though, is a fun, loud and easy song to get amped to that also has a killer video that was, of course, directed by Kevin Abstract.

02.) The Ringer – Eminem

This is the first track on Eminem’s latest album Kamikaze and it is straight fire. Overall I think the album is okay, but I disliked it more and more as I thought about it, but “The Ringer” is a great track with Marshall dishing out what he’s had on his mind when it comes to the rap industry. He wastes no time going after some high-profile rappers and calling mumble rappers out for what he thinks of their style. Best track on Kamikaze: definitely.

03.) The Return – Logic

What I find funny about “The Return” is that both this track and Eminem’s track “The Ringer” express each artist’s thoughts on mumble rappers, although Logic’s track isn’t solely about attacking the industry. ‘Fuck a mumble, make America rap again’ is a great line from Logic’s latest album YSIV (Young Sinatra 4), which will be the last of his Sinatra albums.


04.) Praise The Lord (Da Shine) – A$AP Rocky, Skepta

One of my favourite songs of the year and the album from A$AP, Testing, will probably end up in my favourite albums of the year. Yep, calling that right now, but at the very least “Praise The Lord” is one of the best tracks of the year with its head bobbing addictive beat and catchy chorus, verse, hook (see: all of it.) Honestly, I feel like this song is being underappreciated and maybe by the end of the year more people will come around on it, or at least I hope they do.

05) Donald Trump – Mac Miller

Miller passed away this past month which was sad. I jumped back into the Mac Miller discography a bit following that and although I don’t think “Donald Trump” is anywhere close to his best song, it’s the first I recall ever hearing. It also has a funny history behind it. Its release in 2011 was sometime before Trump even announced he was officially running for President, so it was kinda harmless at the time but as the song’s downloads grew Trump himself both congratulated Miller and then tried to tell him he owed him money for the song later. When asked about the song years later Miller did clarify that he doesn’t support Trump at all.


A really out there crazy song from BROCKHAMPTON on their latest album, Iridescence, which features a highly saturated album cover, which this song matches up well too. It’s certainly a vivid track and one of, if not, the loudest song on the album.

07.) Growing Up – Tkay Maidza

Tkay has talked publicly about what her latest album means to her and, I mean, the title does explain it all as it’s titled Last Year Was Weird (Vol. 1.) She’s growing up, releasing mistakes she’s made and making decisions like ending relationships with people who are bad for her. As she sings on “Growing Up”, ‘I love growing up, I hate getting older’ you understand, to a degree, where she is in life.


08.) My My My! – Troye Sivan

One of the best songs of the year! Okay, I may have said that once this list already, but that’s how good this playlist is — two of the best songs of the year. I implore you to try and tell me how you can listen to this and not sing along. ‘My my my!’ I dare you.

09.) Feels Like Summer – Childish Gambino

Gambino dropped a two-track Summer Pack and I wasn’t really feeling either at first. After watching the video for “Feels Like Summer” though something connected and now I find it to be such a chill vibe. Great Summer track, for which Australia is only just now heading towards, but I’m prepared at least.

10.) Dance To This – Troye Sivan, Ariana Grande

One of the greatest albums of the year! In case you didn’t figure that out given this is the second track from Sivan’s latest album, Bloom, on this playlist. “Dance To This” is a very chill dance track with Ariana Grande lending some sultry vocals to help the tune along. It’s a relaxing dance track, if that isn’t too much of an oxymoron.


11.) Flames – David Guetta, SIA

SIA and Guetta are at this stage guaranteed to make hits when they collaborate and that’s still true on Guetta’s latest album, 7. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but SIA’s vocals as always build up to a thunderous chorus.

12.) Promises – Calvin Harris, Sam Smith, Jessie Reyez

“Promises” thematically isn’t anything new for the EDM genre, but with Sam Smith’s voice, the track becomes something special as he sings ‘Magic is in the air, there ain’t no science here.’ What wraps the piece nicely together though is Jessie Reyez on backing vocals adding the perfect touch singing ‘tonight’ over the chorus.

You can follow Dylan on Twitter @vivaladil

You can follow Dylan on Twitter @vivaladil

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