Marvel Snap developer Second Dinner has announced they’re adding the long awaiting VS mode dubbed ‘Battle Mode’ on January 31st.

Battle Mode will let you take your favourite decks and play them against friends or the most prominent foes. However, Battle Mode’s rules are slightly different from regular Marvel Snap matches. 

In Battle Mode, players will not be betting cubes, but instead, the amount of damage that’ll be dealt to the loser of that round. With each player having a maximum of ten health when starting a match, it could be over in a couple of rounds, or you could be at it for several, attempting to bait each other into snapping harder. From round five, players will be dealing with ‘High Stakes Rounds’, where every round starts at two points instead of one. Retreating will also hurt you, however, as even if it is just at one health to be lost, you will lose if you retreat on one health point. However, you cannot bet any more health than you have left, adding an extra twist to the rules for Battle Mode.  

You will not be able to change decks between rounds either, so you are going to be very quickly learning the cards that are in an opponent’s deck and, hopefully, paying attention to what their playing and when so you can attempt to play around their combos, or miss being blown out by a Shang-Chi or Killmonger.

Are you looking forward to playing Battle Mode in Marvel Snap? Let me know in the comment section below.