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MediEvil Remake Finally Revealed In First Trailer

by Dylan Blight

Sony has finally revealed more about the upcoming MediEvil Remake that was announced at PSX in late 2017.

We now know that Sony’s own International Software Development team along with Other Ocean Interactive are the ones working on the game and more importantly, we know it is indeed a remake now, not simply a remaster.

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Originally released on the PS1 in 1998, the game introduced players to the story of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a Knight who after cowardly dying in battle is brought back to life and sets off to attempt to right his wrongs and save the Kingdom of Gallowmere.

The trailer — which filled me with joy — starts with the camera swooping around the cemetery as it did in the originals start screen before showing Dan in action taking down zombies, ghouls and more enemies throughout the first couple levels of the game.

In the tradition for these remakes trailers at this stage there are comparison shots of the original to the new stuff and as always I’m shocked as my brain remembers the old to look just as the new stuff does. Seeing the old vs new side by side really does show you how much better this remake is looking.

I didn’t catch much gameplay that was outside of the first couple levels of the game and with a 2019 release date, I’d be betting on late 2019 at this stage.

Check out the trailer below and let us know if you’re super excited for the MediEvil remake.

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