Product Manufacturer: Mountain
Estimated Time With Gear:
70+ hours

Where to buy: Mountain, PC Case Gear, JB Hifi

What Is It?: Wired mechanical keyboard, with Numpad and media attachments (Cherry MX Keys)
Compatible With:

A few months ago, the Mountain gear brand came to my attention while researching a new keyboard. Perusing the JB Hi-Fi website at the time, I saw the Everest Max and was instantly drawn to it and had to seek it out. 

Getting the equipment around the start of April, I set it up on my next day off. It was quick and easy to swap out my Logitech gear for the Mountain gear, and getting it set to my specifications was even simpler. With a solo USB-C cable plugging into the keyboard, magnetic height adjustment and palm support pad, installation of the keyboard was a breeze. Selecting where I wanted my media dock and Numpad located was fast and efficient. Heading to the Mountain website and downloading the Base Camp software was completed in a few easy steps. Installing it and checking for updates, I was ready to go in a brief span of time. 

Base Camp software

Mountain Everest Max Keyboard Specs

  • Colour: Gunmetal Gray / Midnight Black

  • Switch Type: 3-Pin Cherry MX, hot-swappable

  • Stabilizer: Cherry (plate-mounted, lubricated)

  • Layout: Standard ANSI/ISO

  • Backlight: RGB

  • Key Rollover: NKRO over USB

  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz / 1ms

  • Keycaps: ABS (PBT optional)

  • MCU: Cortex M0

  • Onboard memory: Up to 5 profiles

  • On-the-Fly System: Though FN Function Key

  • Connector: USB Type-C

  • Interface: USB 3.2 Gen 1

  • Cable length: 2m

  • Product Dimensions: 265x461x43mm (LxWxH)

  • Product Weight: 1373g

  • Materials: Aluminum, ABS (PBT optional)

  • Media Dock Display: RGB TFT IPS 240x204px

  • Media Dock keys: 4: media, 1: display control

  • Display Keys: 4: 72x72px per key TFT LCD

  • Palm Rest: Magnetic, covered in PU-Leather

  • Software Support: Base Camp™

  • Warranty: 2 years

In The Box

  • Keycap & Switch combo removal tool

  • USB Type-C to C cable (15cm)

  • USB Type-A to C cable (2m)

  • Extra Cherry MX Switch x5

  • Extra ESC keycap x1

  • Riser feet

The keyboard itself is great with a sturdy aluminium build, beautiful design, and individual lighting for each key. Every keypress relays the build quality through the slight resistance and sound from the keys. This keyboard has fast surpassed my enjoyment of any previous keyboards I have used. While these first impressions were great, the functionality was even better than expected; using the supplied software, setting up, and updating the keyboard was effortless. 

This keyboard has something for most users; RGB lighting enthusiasts will like the individual lighting for each key and a light bar fitted between the aluminium layers. Your colour options are near endless. The RGB lighting is adjustable through software. You also can setup up to five profiles allowing the ability to swap and change on the regular or based on the task. The media dock has eight menu items on the dial plus four standard media keys, and these options range from changing profile, volume adjustment, PC statistics, clock and much more. The media dock allows for custom images to be loaded, so you can pick what image you feel like being displayed. The Numpad allows for custom buttons to be set. Personally, I chose browser, file explorer, calculator, and task manager as I often use these functions. The software allows both custom images and custom programs to be set to the Numpad, with the options only being limited by the user’s imagination. The keyboard also has hotkeys pre-set for even more functionality.

Mountain has designed its keyboard with many smart features such as magnetic feet and palm support, adjusting height, and the comfort of the keyboard is extremely easy to modify. The Everest Max also features a USB 3.2 Port for fast access at the top and the ability to move the Numpad or media attachments from right to left or even have them offset using the included 15cm USB-C extension cable. Smart design plays into the setup for the Numpad, with the USB-C plug having enough play to allow for movement and not breaking and being able to slide along the rear of the pad, popping out quickly on either side depending on the user’s preference. Cable routing on the keyboard’s base, Numpad and palm support means that your optimal cabling requirements are met no matter the setup. 

The keys have a nice texture and feel delightful to use. Compared to other brands of keyboards I have used, they seem quieter and more responsive. Palm support is at the correct height and feels comfortable and not restrictive to blood flow. I chose the MX Cherry switches, as they have been my favourite for keyboards in the past. They felt how I had expected, but they are not as loud as some of my previous keyboards with noise-dampening. I chose the gunmetal grey colouring, but they also offer a midnight black option. I use my PC and keyboards daily for work and gaming. The Everest Max has performed admirably in each context, taking everything I could throw at it and more; whether typing out reviews like I am now doing timesheets or just jumping in and gaming, the keyboard has fit into my daily life as if it has always belonged. The option to remove or switch the Numpad out, giving me more room for mouse play, is a godsend. 

While the Base Camp software for the Mountain products is not perfect, it is unique and great to use; the overall versatility makes it a great addition. It also has many functions that can work with other programs, like Razer Chroma RGB and OBS, amongst many others. Utilising the five profile functions, you can have it set for your favourite games and for with a simple twist of a dial or a click of a few keys, you’re ready for work or play. On top of the profiles, you can set up macros for easy, regularly used tasks or even bind each key to whatever you desire. The choices are near limitless.

In conclusion, the Everest Max is my favourite keyboard to date, having surpassed other keyboards and devices I have utilised in the past. Though it is wired, and my preference is generally wireless, the keyboard’s optimal functionality and easy-to-use software make it ideal for daily use. The intelligent design, beautiful patterns, sound and feel of the keyboard have me itching to look for more reasons to use it. The media functions combined with the dial options are helpful and efficient; the added option of removing and moving the Numpad has made it a great addition to my workspace. I would highly recommend this to people of all variations; this is an excellent option for work or play.