Several outlets are this morning confirming that The Last of Us Part II has indeed had a major leak.

I admit I haven’t done my due diligence to fact-check this one, but I completely trust several other outlets and Twitter users I’ve seen confirming the leaks are real.

Over at Kotaku Australia, Alex Walker wrote that the leaks contained footage between Ellie and Diana, and another cutscene featuring Ellie and Joel. There’s apparently also massive gameplay leaks and a chunk of one of these videos he says completely “ruins the story.”

{…} gameplay video with content that I won’t reference here because of how big a spoiler it is, and another cutscene that … well, it completely ruins the story.

The presumption online from many is this footage is coming from playtester who are testing the game in its final stages at home. We know for a fact that the game was done, or close to done when it was delayed from its May 29th release date.

Interestingly, there’s apparently also multiplayer footage included in these leaks which could confirm there indeed will be a new The Last of Us Online to play at launch, or shortly after.

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