An atmospheric journey of discovery through a world of mystery. A world with puzzles, solved using the player’s light staff. A magical journey with a multitude of creatures.

Publisher: Future Friends Games, StudioInkyfox
Reviewed on: PS5 (PS4 code)
Also available for:
PC, Xbox

Developer:  StudioInkyFox
Solo developer: Jonas Manke

Omno is an interesting title, a beautiful world in a polygonal design with a relaxing score of music and various creatures. The world changes from region to region the player visits, as do the abilities of the player-controlled character who uses a staff to control, change, and move about the world. 

Omnos’ world is simplistic and is all about exploration. The player uses the character’s light staff to search each region and complete tasks to unlock the next area, and players will aim to 100% each area. The game encourages players by having interesting elements in each region, and these elements involve many choices, including finding creatures, puzzles, and relics. 


Controls for Omno are easy to navigate and build-out while playing, adding additional abilities via uncomplicated instructions throughout gameplay. This natural progression within the game allows the player to enjoy the world while not burdening with an ever-increasing list of controls and movements. The controls are tight and well-programmed and I never felt like I was fighting the character to perform any platforming actions.


The destinations in the game are immaculately detailed in their simplicity—vast open spaces, sparsely populated with a sprinkling of flora and fauna of various types and sizes. Players will see creatures big and small. Rock formations scatter the scene and are often the source of the puzzles and secrets that will need to be solved to complete the region. Each region has its beauty, ranging from mossy forests to wide-open deserts and even massive winter wonderlands.