Predator: Hunting Grounds, the asymmetrical multiplayer shooter from IllFonic released last Friday and I’ve been playing it for review.

If you’ve been playing the game you’d have noticed it contains loot boxes. However, these loot boxes can only be earned in-game by levelling up or using the currency you acquire simply from playing the game.

None the less, I began to wonder the unlock rate of super-rare cosmetic items from these boxes. As you do for any loot boxes included in a game these days. Especially when they don’t offer that information upfront.

So I saved up fifty of these boxes and opened them in a row to get not only an enticing video for those that like seeing boxes opened, but also some information and helpful statistics.

Let’s lay out the facts.

Each box earns you three random cosmetic items. You can earn duplicates, however, and the rarer the duplicate the more return currency you’ll get in its place which you can then turn into more loot boxes.

Opening fifty boxes in a row earned me a total of 150 items:

  • 96 were of the Blue tier, the common open.

  • 42 were Purple tier, the uncommon open.

  • 11 were Pink tier, the rare open.

  • 1 was Red tier, the Exotic tier.

I did not open any Gold, mythical tier items in any of these packs.

Although maths is most definitely my worst and least favourite subject, I believe we have something looking close to this based on my sample rate:

  • 64% chance to get a common item each box

  • 28% chance to get an uncommon item each box

  • 7% chance to get a rare item each box

  • 0.5% chance to get an exotic item each box

  • And using the 50 boxes as a sample, I’d wager a 0.3% chance to get a mythical item.

Feel free to watch the sped-up unboxing video below.