Developer Night School revealed Oxenfree II: Lost Signals during this morning’s Nintendo Indie Direct, and personally, I was hyped the second the trailer began. 

Oxenfree released in 2016, and the game put the player in the shoes of Alex. She brings her stepbrother along to a party with her friends on a run-down and abandoned military island. It’s a part teen drama, part-spooky ghost story. The gameplay revolved around making conversation choices and puzzles, which primarily involved radio signals spread across the island. 

In my 7/10 review, I praised Oxenfree’s ideas but felt the characters didn’t get enough time to form fully and the ending felt rushed. 

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals doesn’t see the return of any of the original cast (at least in the trailer), but it does see the radio signal puzzles’ return. The art style is also very much in line with the first game and Night School as a studio. The game is set five years after the first game’s events, but it’s unknown how much effect that will have more extensive lore. 

Check out the full trailer below.

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