Like many others, I had assumed the PlayStation Portal wouldn’t get a release in Australia. As it turns out, it will be in February 2024.

The PlayStation Portal is a remote player for our PS5 console, allowing you to play the games on your PlayStation 5 over your Wi-Fi single. The device is similar to that of a Backbone, although it’s of a much higher quality, giving you the whole DualSense experience in the palm of your hands with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. And you’re playing on an 8″ LCD 1080p game that can play games in up to 60fps.

The idea of this device isn’t to be something you take to work or on the bus. It’s for when someone else wants to use the TV, and you’d like to keep playing.

You can pre-order the PlayStation Portal now.

Early reviews from U.S. outlets that have their hands on the device have been positive and generally surprised by the quality of the machine.