Good news for trophy hunters as trophies could soon be coming to PlayStation games on PC.

The news comes via TrueTrophies, who have said that their own trophy scanners have picked up evidence of Sony testing trophies to its PS5 game library available on PC. After doing one of their regular scans to pick up trophy data, the team spotted a new PS5 trophy list, which also listed “PSPC” as an additional platform. The game itself wasn’t a game at all and instead was just titled “Trophy Set,” which is very much just a placeholder to test something on Sonys’ end.

However, this does sound like the PC trophy set would be sharing data with the console list, meaning you won’t be able to double-dip on any Platinums. At least, that’s how it seems based on how this data reads. Instead, it would mean you could play a game on both console and PC and work towards the same trophy set across both platforms.

What do you think? Will trophies come to PS5 games on PC soon? Let me know in the comments section below.