Sony is pushing forward with PlayStation Productions at full steam as they’ve reportedly begun developing a Days Gone film.

According to the report by DeadlineOutlander actor Sam Heughan is close to signing on to star as Deacon St. John in the feature adaptation of Bend Studios’ 2019 game, Days GoneSheldon Turner (Up in the Air) is writing the script, with no director yet aboard the project.

Days Gone is about a post-apocalyptic zombie-like outbreak where creatures called “freakers” kill off the majority of America’s population. As biker gang members, Deacon and his brother get around on motorcycles in the apocalypse, using them to perform jobs for other groups. 

The game received mixed reviews and has a 72 on Open Critic. I gave it a 6/10 in my review, primarily due to technical issues, but I have supported its story and characters whenever I’ve talked about the game. A movie adaptation has me interested.

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