The PC Gaming Show is returning in November for a second time this year with a spin-off, ‘PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted.’ 

In this new Winter (Summer here in Australia) event, the PC Gaming: Most Wanted show will showcase some of the most exciting PC games coming in 2024 and beyond. 

The ‘most wanted list’ of games will be decided by a panel of industry luminaries, content creators and editors from multiple publications, these include Sid Meier (Civilization franchise), Brian Fargo, Studio Head at Inxile Entertainment and Steven Spohn, Director of AbleGamers voting to decide on the top 25 “most wanted gamers.” The show will then bring that list and new information to the show.

“We’re bringing together some of the voices we most respect from across the gaming industry to determine the Most Wanted games on PC,” says PC Gamer Global Editor-in-Chief Evan Lahti. “This end-of-year edition of the PC Gaming Show will place a spotlight on the biggest upcoming games and small-studio gems that have the potential to be the next Valheim, Stardew Valley, or Vampire Survivors.”

PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted will be presented by Frankie Ward, the regular co-host of the PC Gaming Show and a host of international esports events.

You’ll be able to tune into the show on Twitch, YouTube and Steam. Stay tuned for an official time on the show closer to November 30th.