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Pokémon Generation 8 Revealed As “Pokémon Sword” & “Pokémon Shield”

by Dylan Blight

Galar Region Map.png

We have our first look at generation 8 Pokémon game today during a 7 minute Pokémon Direct. The games were revealed to be titled, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

In the reveal trailer for Pokémon Sword/Shield, we are introduced to male and female trainer models, our three new starter pokémon as well as the confirmation of some certain gameplay elements. All of this surrounded in a stunning new world featuring fantastic imaginary in our new region in which the game takes place.

In the trailer, we seem to get confirmation that random encounters will indeed be a part of the game, something that many were worried about. It seems you won’t be able to see wild pokémon on the screen as you could in last years Let’s Go series.

Pokémon Sword/Shield takes place in a new region called the ‘Galar Region’ which director of Sword/Sword, Shigeru Ohmori describes as:

“An expansive region with many environments. Containing idyllic countryside and contemporary cities, vast planes and craggy snow-covered mountains.”

Get ready to meet some new friends as we are introduced to the Generation 8’s starter-mons as well.

gen 8 starters.png

The first is the chimp-pokemon, Grookey, which is described as a mischevious Pokémon full of boundless curiosity.


The second is the rabbit-pokémon, Scorbunny, which is described to be always running about and bursting with energy.


The third and final (unless a fourth is somehow revealed) is the water-lizard-pokémon, Sobble which is described as timid and will shoot out attacks in water as it hides from foes.


The video, of course, teases that there are more never-before-seen pokémon yet to be revealed, but you can see many old faces in the trailer including a wild Pikachu, a Munchlax in the trainers’ house and many others.

What could be most exciting is the tease that some very new features could be coming to the franchise with Shigeru Ohmori saying:

“We are challenging ourselves to try new things, while still treasuring what makes Pokémon special.”

The video also ended with a tease that much more is in works for the Pokémon brand in the future outside the Pokémon Sword/Shield games.

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will release worldwide in late 2019.

Find the full video below and be sure to let us know which your favourite new starter is and what you think of Galar.