Wednesday nights Pokémon Presents wasn’t the reveal of another Let’s Go Pokémon series, but something completely different. The Pokémon Company announced they’ve partnered with Timi Studios and Tencent to create what is essentially a Pokémon MOBA titled Pokémon Unite. 

The game is 5V5 with three lanes although there’s not creeps or towers to take down. Instead, you spawn in as your Pokémon in their first form and beginning battling/catching wild Pokémon. As you do, you’ll eventually level up and get to pick which moves you want to assign yourself. Around each lane as scoring stations where you can look to score points. At the end of the match, the team with the most points wins, although in the final two minutes all points scored are doubled for both teams. 

Pokémon Unite is a more casual MOBA that’s obviously supposed to appeal to MOBA fans as well as getting Pokémon fans attention. 

A few questions still remain about the overall gameplay like what the punishment for death is and what the global objectives there are to fight over. At one point in the gameplay shown off, you can see a message about fighting a Zapdos in the middle of the map, which I’d assume is a global challenge and catching/defeating Zapdos is probably worth a lot more points than a usual Pokémon.

Pokémon Unite will be “free to start” on both Nintendo Switch and mobile devices as well as supporting cross-play. 

Check out the full Pokémon Presents below for all of the gameplay and more from Pokémon Unite. 

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