For months, we have heard that the PS VR2 may have been failing in sales or falling very short of what Sony was expecting from the second-generation headset. Reports from insiders stated that the headset was falling short of even 300k sales in its first couple of weeks on shelves. Thankfully, we now have some solid numbers, and it turns out that the PS VR 2 is doing decently, outpacing the sales of its predecessor comfortably.

Thanks to the information shared from Sony’s May 24th Games & Network Services presentation, we’ve learned that the PS VR2 sold nearly 600,000 units in its first six weeks, which puts it 50k ahead of the first six-week sales of the PS VR1. 

These are great numbers to dispel the rumours that the headset was not selling well, but also dispel feelings that the headset is falling and isn’t worth investing in right now. With Sony set to announce at least some PS VR2 games tomorrow morning, there’s plenty of reason to still care about the PS VR2.

[S/O UploadVR]