A recent leak seems to provide proof that Persona 4 Golden will be coming to PC in just a couple of days.

Overnight a listing for Persona 4 Golden appeared on the SteamDB app which included two icons for the game.


The developer of SteamDB, Pavel Djundik did point out that fake listings have appeared in the Steam database before, but noted he’d had several independent sources provide him proof that this listing is indeed real – so it may be worth taking this with more than a grain of salt.

Persona 4 Golden has been a PS Vita exclusive since it originally released on the handheld in 2012. Porting the game to another system would make sense since it’s a fantastic game that more people should play (it’s better than Persona 5 in-my-opinion) but a PC release would be an interesting choice.

Fans have been asking for Atlus to port Persona 5 to Nintendo Switch – well, pleasing them at this stage. Persona 4 Golden on PC and not Switch might be salt in those wounds.

If this is true we’ll find out soon as the game is reportedly being revealed and then released this Sunday at 5 AM AEST during the PC Gaming Show.


Would Persona 4 Golden on PC be something you’d be excited about playing? Let me know in the comments section below and stay tuned for more from the PC Gaming Show this Sunday.