13 years after the release of the final volume of Scott Pilgrim and the movie, new Scott Pilgrim content has come our way with a new animated series voiced by the star-studded cast of the movie. Join Ashley and Dylan as they share their thoughts on the series, share their reaction to the unmarketed twist and discuss their feelings on this new direction for the characters.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Review: https://explosionnetwork.com/scott-pilgrim-takes-off-review/

Developed by: Bryan Lee O’Malley, BenDavid Grabinski
Animated by: Science Saru
Written by: Bryan Lee O’Malley, BenDavid Grabinski
Based on Scott Pilgrim by: Bryan Lee O’Malley
Starring: Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Satya Bhabha, Kieran Culkin, Chris Evans, Anna Kendrick, Brie Larson, Alison Pill, Aubrey Plaza, Brandon Routh, Jason Schwartzman, Johnny Simmons, Mark Webber, Mae Whitman, Ellen Wong

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