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This is a full spoiler review for the sixth episode and everything prior of Stranger Things: Season 3. Check back for more Stranger Things 3 coverage throughout the week.

Dr. Alexei reveals what the Russians have been building, and Eleven sees where Billy has been. Dustin and Erica stage a daring rescue.

Cast: Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, Sadie Sink, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Joe Kerry, Dacre Montgomery, Maya Hawke, Cara Buono, Cary Elwes, Priah Ferguson, Brett Gelmain, Alex Utgoff

Directors: Uta Briesewitz
Writers: Curtis Gwinn (written by), Matt Duffer (created by), Ross Duffer (created by)

I had no idea what the title ‘Chapter Six: E Pluribus Unum’ meant. A quick Google search following the episode revealed it’s apparently a traditional motto of the United States and at one stage appeared on the Great Seal before being replaced with “In God We Trust” in 1956. The Latin translates to “out of many, one” and I suppose you could apply that in several directions to this episode if you wanted. But I think it is plainly supposed to represent all the bodies forming the giant monster at the end of the episode. As for my lack of not knowing the phrase before this episode, I’ll assume my naive nature on it comes from being in Australia.

Seeing Brett Gelman back as Murray Bauman in full force this episode was fun again, and it looks like he might be coming along for the ride for the rest of the season as he does leave with Jim, Joyce and Alexei. I was as shocked as everyone else when Jim’s plan to get Alexei to talk actually worked out, and I would be lying if Alexei isn’t quickly becoming one of my favourite things about this season. Alex Utgoff’s almost childlike performance at times is rather charming.

Mike dropping the L-word (and I don’t mean lesbian’s) this episode was kinda big. I feel for the dude somewhat when Max is acting like he’s trying to be a controlling boyfriend when he’s obviously just worried about El’s health. But there is a middle ground to these things and I’m glad he does give her the trust she needs from him to go through with tracking down Billy.

Diving into Billy’s mind offered up a huge spectacle on the beach and a not so pleasant trip into Billy’s past. Millie Bobby Brown and Dacre Montgomery facing off in the final depths of his mind was really well performed by both in a rather frightening scene.

Stranger Things 3 - Netflix

Stranger Things 3 – Netflix

I feel like The Duffer Brothers are leaning a lot more into the horror stuff with this season as well. All those bodies melting away to form the giant Mind Flayer wasn’t pleasant to watch. And that thing is very big, and could possibly get bigger. On a technical level, it looks great too, and it definitely seems like overall this season’s special effects are better than ever.

Things quickly turn to the worst for Dustin and co when he has to leave Steve and Robin with the Russians to escape with Erica. Something of a Brony appreciation coming from Dustin as well.

Joe Keery and Maya Hawke were the stars of this episode as they struggled in captivity together. It was hard to watch Steve get beat up as much as he did in his questioning and he really does look close-to-death as he is tied up next to Robin shortly after. The two of them sharing a moment together on the floor as Robin explained how she’s actually always liked Steve was potentially bittersweet for both of them with death whispering around the corner. Both Keery and Hawke delivered that scene fantastically, and I love seeing these two grow closer as the series continues.

Cary Elwes is really good at playing this slimy Mayor and I hate to love it. Even when he’s being held up by the Russian Terminator, I’m hoping he’ll let him live just so I can look forward to that Mind Flayer hopefully eating him up real good in the next episode.

With two episodes left it’s hard not to feel how much better this season than the past already, but it also feels like something big could happen in these last two. Plus we haven’t been to the Upside Down yet, and I’m wondering if we will at all this season?

E Pluribus Unum‘ Air Date: 04/07/2019
Stranger Things 3 is currently available to stream on Netflix